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Other art exhibits and projects protesting the Trump administration’s actions and policies are popping up. We will list the ones we hear about here. 

Welcome Blanket Project
More information at welcomeblanket.org
Organized by the team who created the Pussyhat Project. It aims to connect current U.S. residents with new immigrants “through stories and handmade blankets, providing both symbolic and literal comfort and warmth.”

United We Quilt
Online gallery at UnitedWeQuilt.com 
This is a growing online exhibition that was organized by artist Eleanor Levie, and launched in April with a request for submissions. All work will “display a focus on preserving our American democracy, our Constitutional values, and our place in the world — in response to the current administration in Washington, DC.” 

Social & Politically Engaged Art
“The 2017 5th Annual FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT is an international juried exhibit focused on socially and politically engaged art. Socially and politically engaged art has been integral in creative expression since the beginning of visual arts. This exhibition explores the current trends and trajectory in this field and these collective creative works hopefully serve as an avenue or agent for societal transformation and exposure of social and political points of view. The goal is to recognize and advance this endeavor by providing a venue for the exhibition of socially and politically engaged art. Furthermore, the exhibit's proceeds after expenses will fund the Fletcher H. Dyer Memorial Scholarship for an art and design student.”

Trump! The Art Show
at the Kallinen Contemporary in Houston, Texas
This is an exhibit of 70 pieces organized and curated by civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen  and John Paul Hartman. 
Article in the Huffington Post here:

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out for Unitedwequilt.com. All are welcome to submit images and info for quilts, art quilts, quilted postcards, sculpture, wearables, and more for our online only, digital gallery.


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