Saturday, September 16, 2017

Quilting Arts magazine covers "Craftivism"

Have you seen the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine? Several of the articles are about protest art. “Threads of Resistance” is mentioned in Cate Prato’s article “Craftivism: Taking a Stand with Needle and Thread.” It has photos of “She Persisted” by Betty Busby, “Not So Safe” by Amy Dame, and “What Does an American Look Like” by the Pixieladies. 

Betty Busby’s piece in the story about Craftivism.
There’s also an article on Chawne Kimber, who makes quilts with strong social messages, some dealing with issues of race. 

A gallery of quilts from the “HERstory: A Celebration of Strong Women” exhibition commemorates the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. 

“With the Wind and the Stars” by Ricki Selva featured in an article about the HERstory exhibition.

Make sure to read Vivika Hansen DeNegre’s editor’s note: she makes the point that this is not a quilting magazine; it’s an art quilting magazine, and that art often makes a social or political statement. 

As expected, covering this topic – and including controversial pieces on the Quilting Arts blog –  has drawn the ire of some readers who don’t agree with the artist’s views, or who think art quilts should only be pretty and not political. Recent Quilting Arts/Quilting Daily blog posts that reference Craftivism are here:

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  1. Thank you, Quilting Arts magazine for taking this stance. I am in this issue but only as a side note. I am happy to be included, nevertheless, and I salute the brave ladies who use fiber art to express their ideas and to fight dangerous and repressive ideas. My Dad fought against the Nazis and Fascism in WWII and I NEVER forget that.


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