Monday, May 22, 2017

Traveling exhibition

Here’s the list of pieces that will be a part of the Threads of Resistance traveling exhibit. You can see all the submitted work, as well as these pieces selected for the traveling exhibit, on the website at

Julia M. Arden : Dawn Patrol
Mel Beach: RE$I$TAN¢E
Alice Beasley : Feeding Time at the Swamp 
Susan Bianchi : Liberty Marches
Sue Bleiweiss: My Body My Rules
Mary L. Bolton : My Flag, Our Colors
Barbara Brandel: The Disgrace – Words and Deeds
Tanya A. Brown: Game Over
Tanya A. Brown: Gusher
Susan Brubaker Knapp: Poisonous Words
Sandra Bruce: Zahra, Age 5, Syrian Refugee
Betty Busby: She Persisted
Allison Chambers and Emily Robbins: Lady Justice
Liberty Assaulted: Judy Coates Perez
Maryte Collard: The Kiss
Shannon M. Conley: Listen Louder Than You Sing
Phyllis A. Cullen: Death of Science
Amy Dame: Not So Safe
Tricia P. Deck: Our Fractured Homeland
Rebecca Fellows: Tears for America
Jamie Fingal:100 Days
Linda L. Friedman: Speaking Out
Kerri Green: Equality
Neroli Henderson: Dear Mr. Trump
Sylvia Hernandez: Flint Water
Audrey J. Hyvonen: False Dichotomies (I Don’t Fit in Your Box)
Sara Kelly: I Pledge
Lyric Montgomery Kinard: Still Yearning
Kristin La Flamme: #notnormal
Ann M. Lee: Word Power
Jessica Levitt: Equal Means Equal
Katherine H. McClelland: Speak Truth
Sara Mika: Political Power Grab
Gillian Moss: Next Target?
Karen S. Musgrave: Hands Off!
Kathy Nida: Work in Progress
Kathy Nida: Absolutely Nothing
Ellen F. November: Capitol Guns
Do Palma: Seeking Refuge
Do Palma: Nevertheless, They Persisted
Heidi A. Parkes: There’s Something Between Us
Julie Parrish: Get Woke
Claire Passmore: We Walk Together in Search of Liberty
Kelli N. Perkins: Unplugged
The Pixeladies: Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki: What Does an American Look Like?
Susan V. Polansky: Not To Be Tabled
Sandra Poteet : Chasm
Sheila H. Riess: Don’t Shoot (Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes)
Emily K. Robertson: A Day to Remember
Cyndy M. Rymer: Roe v. Wade Must Stand
Candace Hackett Shively: Learn to Question – Learn to Lead
Sarah Ann Smith: Speak Up, Speak Out
Amy D. Sullivan: Patriotism
Melanie Testa: Toxic Masculinity Must End
Denny (Denise) C. Webster: Women’s Rally, Greenville, SC. January 21, 2017
Julie Weinstein and Fran Sharp: Fill 1,000 Seats
Leni L. Wiener: Tears of the Grandfathers
Hope Wilmarth: Resist
Martha Wolfe: Privileged Times
Kathy York: Women’s March 2017: By the Numbers

We received submissions from 45 U.S. states, and 7 other countries. Here is the breakdown for all the works that were submitted:
AK 2
AL 2
AR 14
CA 84
CO 8
CT 9
DC 1
DE 1
FL 7
GA 2
HI 2
ID 1
IL 6
IN 4
KS 2
KY 1
LA 1
MA 45
ME 4
MD 11
MI 13
MN 7
MO 6
MT 2
NC 12
NJ 1
NM 2
NY 24
NH 2
NJ 5
NV 2
OH 6
OK 2
OR 17
PA 10
RI 5
SC 4
TX 19
TN 3
UT 1
VA 16
VT 4
WA 4
WI 12
WY 1
Canada 7
Australia 2
Italy 1
UK 3
New Zealand 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Lithuania 1
For the traveling exhibition, here is the breakdown:
AZ - 1
CA - 16
CO - 1
HI - 1
IL - 1
MA - 9
ME - 1
MD - 1
MI -1
NC - 2
NY - 4
NJ - 1
NM -1
NV -1
OK - 1
OR -1
PA - 2
SC - 1
TX - 5
VA - 1
WI -2
WY -1
UK -1
Canada - 1
New Zealand - 1
Lithuania -1
Australia - 2

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