Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Online entry is open today!

Registration is now open on our online entry system for “Threads of Resistance.” The website to enter is http://threadsofresistanceentry.com and registration will be open until midnight on May 1, 2017.

This site also has guidelines for taking good photos of your work, and you can preview the forms to see exactly what you’ll need to prepare before you start the entry process.

Photography tips

  • Good photography is very important. Work is not accepted because of poor photography than for almost every other reason. The jurors can’t judge your work if they can’t see it clearly. 
  • Take a picture of your quilt straight on, with the edges showing on the background, which could be a design wall, a piece of black fabric or another color that shows off the sides of your piece.
  • Straight pins should not be visible in the photo.
  • The online entry system requires one photo of the entire quilt, and one detail shot. Both should be shot in high resolution (300 dpi).
  • Make sure that the piece is in vertical format and is going the right direction on the full and detail shot.  
  • The detail shot should be the best one that shows us a specific detail of what you most want us to see. 
  • Please do not use color correction, as we need to see the true colors in your photographs (the colors in the photos should match the colors in your artwork.)
  • Digital images must be saved as a high quality JPEG file (No TIFF files). 
  • Finished images should be between 2100 and 4200 pixels on the longest side. 

Frequently asked questions  

NOTE: Please see the FAQ page (tab at the top of the website) for an updated list of FAQs and answers. 

Do you accept entries from outside the U.S.? Yes. But artists from outside the U.S. will be required to pay for shipping their work back to their countries, in addition to shipping them to the first U.S. venue.

Do you accept three-dimensional work like sculptures? No, it is not eligible, due to shipping concerns and shipping costs. 

Can my piece have embellishments (such as safety pins) that stick out from the surface? Embellishments are permitted, but they can’t be sharp or pointed, or stand out from the surface more than 1". They must be securely attached. We will be shipping the art between venues either stacked or rolled, and we don’t want them to damage other artists’ work in transit

My piece can’t accommodate a 4" sleeve; is that okay? No, it must have a 4" sleeve on the back. We can’t accept pieces that are framed, mounted, or that have wooden slats or other hanging systems. The exhibition is traveling to 11 venues (possibly more), and we need consistency for shipping and hanging at the venues, which include both traditional quilt shows and museums. 

Do you accept other types of fiber art, such as felted work or weavings? Yes; all types of fiber art are eligible for entry, but all work must be able to hang using a 4" hanging sleeve, and must not contain sharp or fragile embellishments.

Do you accept group quilts? Yes. There is a space in the online entry form to list all of the makers.

Do you accept anonymous entries? No.

Are artists allowed to sell their work in the exhibition, and will “Threads of Resistance” handle sales? Each venue has its own commission structure regarding sales ranging from taking 20% -50% of the sale price. In the event of a sale, you will be notified by the venue who will process the sale for you. Threads of Resistance will not take any commission on artwork sold. You may choose to mark your work “Not for sale.”

How long will it be before I get my work back? Artwork must remain in the exhibition until such time as it is done traveling. At this point, we have it booked to run through October 2018, but we may add additional venues.

How many pieces will be chosen? We are still working with the venues to determine this, based on space available at each venue.

If my piece is not chosen for the exhibition, will it still be featured on the blog/website? Depending on the volume of work submitted, and the number of pieces that the exhibition ends up including, we may decide to feature work on the website that is not chosen for the exhibition. 


  1. Does the work need to be specifically made for this exhibit? If I have work that fits the size, theme, and other requirements, can I enter it (some of us have been resisting in one form or another for years or our entire lives)?

    1. No, it does not need to be made specifically for this exhibition. As long as it meets the specifications listed in the Call for Entries, it may be entered. Thanks for asking!


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