Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Update, and logo formats

It’s only been one day, but we are simply blown away by the response to the Call for Entries for “Threads of Resistance”! If you’ve e-mailed us, we have added your name to our mailing list, and will be sending you more information about the exhibition as it becomes available. 

We are also excited about the response from potential exhibition sites. We are in discussions with several organizations and multiple venues interested in fitting Threads of Resistance” into their exhibition schedules, and hope to be able to make these announcements within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we’ve had several requests for logos, blog buttons, and square logo formats to use on social media and blogs. Please feel free to use these images to publicize the exhibition.

This version is a square, 500 pixels wide x 500 pixels deep, JPG (great for Instagram): 

This version is a wide banner, 2000 pixels wide x 612 pixels deep, JPG:

This version is our logo, 1017 pixels wide x 680 pixels deep, JPG:

This version is our logo, 500 pixels wide x 301 pixels deep, JPG:

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