Wednesday, June 21, 2017

“Capitol Guns” by Ellen November

“Capitol Guns” by Ellen November

This is one in a series of posts featuring an artist whose work is included in the Threads of Resistance exhibition.

NOTE: The artist’s statements, both written and audio, were made before the June 14 shooting in Washington, D.C., which severely injured Republican Whip Steve Scalise. 

Artist’s Statement: 

There was a mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara in 2015. A local son was shot and killed during this event. This pushed me to join Moms Demand Action, a program of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization in the country, with more than 3 million grassroots supporters. I do not want to see another senseless death due to gun violence.

I was greatly disappointed that neither the House or Senate would bring the topic of gun violence advocacy to the floor for a discussion. Moms Demand Action is working to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reforms.

My art piece, “Capitol Guns,” is my statement on the disregard for addressing the gun violence epidemic in the United States. Perhaps the NRA lobbyists own the House and Senate, which prevents our elected officials from acting to save lives. Even after the tragic shooting of one of their own, Gabby Gifford, there was no action taken. Even after the devastating mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, no action was taken. And more recently, San Bernardino and the 49 lives lost in Orlando.

I’m looking to you to save lives by supporting common-sense measures like background checks to curb gun violence. We need to work to prevent even one more senseless death. Change the Capitol Building from a “House of Guns” to a “House of Reason.”

Hear a message from Ellen about her piece below:


  1. What an amazing and confrontive work. Thank you for making this statement. I am wondering about copying the image and getting it to our representatives to speak in this powerful visual way. Postcards? Phoebe Girard

    1. Phoebe, all work is copyrighted by the artists. You would need to speak to Ellen November about this.


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