Saturday, June 10, 2017

HAND/EYE magazine features ToR

On June 8, HAND/EYE magazine ran an article (“Quilts with a Message to the President”) about the Threads of Resistance exhibition, and included the following images:
  • “Poisonous Words” by Susan Brubaker Knapp
  • #notnormal by Kristin La Flamme
  • Speak Truth by Katherine McClelland
  • Nevertheless, They Persisted by Do Palma
  • Liberty Assaulted by Judy Coates Perez
  • Women’s March 2017: By the Numbers by Kathy York
  • My Body My Right by Sue Bleiweiss
  • Death of Science by Phyllis Cullen
  • Not So Safe by Amy Dame
  • Learn to Question – Learn to Lead by Candace Hackett Shively 
HAND/EYE calls itself “the world’s only journal dedicated to global creativity.… we focus on the work of artists, artisans, designers, and other creatives, unfettered by traditional definitions of art, craft and design.”

You can read the article on their website here:

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