Monday, June 12, 2017

“Learn to Question – Learn to Lead” by Candace Hackett Shively

“Learn to Question – Learn to Lead”
by Candace Hackett Shively

This is one in a series of posts featuring an artist whose work is included in the Threads of Resistance exhibition.
Artist’s Statement: 
Our kids – and many adults – do not know how to ask the serious questions. They lack the deep understanding of how our nation works and passion to assume its leadership. As our schools have focused on “tested content” for more than a decade, our elementary and middle schools have reduced attention on social studies/history/civics – subjects not included in the high-stakes tests. The foundations of history and citizenship in younger years form a basis for young adults to seek nuance and evidence in their decision-making. Many Americans have never learned to question and reach this level of nuanced participation. In a dangerous confluence, the early 21st century has seen the media, the Internet, and our “leaders” blur our government beyond recognition while pretending that everything is black and white. Today we ALL need to question: question the media, question the tweets of our “leaders,” question our devices, question our sources, question our own friends and family – even question ourselves – to be the citizens and leaders necessary for our nation’s survival.

Hear a message from Candace about her piece below:

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